Bocas del Toro is a beautiful region, with a huge amount of attractions to see and activities to do, to better enjoy your stay at Posada Los Delfines.

You can surf, bike, snorkell, hike or scuba dive, bird and wildlife watch, or witness the nesting of sea turtles, with the best guides in the region.

Visit Bastimentos Town, explore the only village in the Archipelago, where the houses are remainings of the classic Architecture of the Caribbean.

Do not miss a visit to any of Community Tourism Projects throughout the province, withnessing the life of the Ngabe and Naso Tjerdi originary people, on the Archipelago and the continent.

Be sure to visit the attractions of Zapatillas Cays, Bird Island, Bluff Beach, Red Frog Beach, Bat Cave, Sloth Trail, Boca del Drago, Starfish Beach, Oreba Chocolate and Teribe River, among others.

Ask our staff at reception to organize for you the tours to visit the best places in the islands or in the mainland.